This is a photogaphic blog with a particular focus on walking the Spanish Caminos. Also included are walks in The New Forest, Wales and Southern England.

Dartmoor, 7th October 2012

On a recent climbing trip on Dartmoor I got up to see the sunrise and was rewarded with this view of Pew Tor.

Via de la Plata April 2012, Sevilla to Merida

Isabelle II Bridge from Triana. Sat 31st March

Sevilla to Guillena, Sun 1st April

Seen en route

Guillena to Castilblanco, Mon 2nd April

Prickly pear cactus

Almond trees

Rachel photographing Cistus


Castilblanco to Almaden, Tues 3rd April

Almaden de la Plata

Almaden to Monesterio, 4th April

Stuck for half an hour behind this Cattle jam!

Monesterio to Fuente de Cantos, 5th April

Even the sheep follow the yellow arrows!

Fuente de Cantos to Zafra, 6th April

Zafra to Villafranca de los Barros, April 7th

Torre de St . Francisco, Zafra

Los Santos de Maimona at sunrise

Guess where...

Los Santos de Maimona

Los Santos de Maimona

Los Santos de Maimona

The three amigos leaving Los Santos de Maimona


Near Villafranca

Rachel and Dill

Villafranca de los Barros to Merida, April 8th

Sunrise through the Olives, after Villafranca

Back in Sevilla, 9th April

Giralda tower, Sevilla Cathedral

View from the Giralda tower showing the Bullring & Isabelle II Bridge

and the other direction

25th march 2012 - Sunrise

Sunrise is at 6 so I set my alarm for 5 to allow time to drive to the start of today's walk. But the clocks changed to BST last night and my iphone changed the time while I slept so when the alarm went off at 5 it was still 4AM according to my body clock and 2 hours to sunrise!! I didn't notice this until it was too late to go back to bed. It was worth the loss of sleep though...

18th March 2012 - A weekend in Glastonbury

Part of the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey

The Abbot's Kitchen

One of several fireplaces in the Kitchen.

The Chalice Well
Glastonbury Tor

The distant Tor.

1-3-2012. An evening walk in the New Forest.

After these guys had gone there was barely a sound as the Sun went down. Beautiful.

1-3-2012. Back to the Via de la Plata in 4 weeks. Sevilla to Merida.

This will be my third time walking on the Via de la Plata from Sevilla. We (Rachel and I) arrive from Stanstead in the evening of Saturday 31st March and start walking the next morning. This will be my first visit in Spring and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in the landscape although apparently the Winter has been the driest on record. Here are a few pictures I took in November 2008. The first one shows Rocket and Mustard in an Olive grove having a late flowering.

Approaching Torremegia.

1 hour after leaving Merida.
Between Aljucen and Alcuescar.